What is GreatLocal?

The social, mobile, customized solution for your online marketing needs.

Essentially, we’re the most grounded, genuine social media marketing solution available and the one you’ve been waiting for.

GreatLocal is a free, easy-to-use social marketing platform that enables local businesses (exciting brands like yours!) to create landing pages, Facebook Tabs, Twitter cards and promotions. These social media posts are then generated and automated through our platform that automatically delivers across all of your social locations and email lists. Our cloud-based dashboard lets you monitor campaigns, post comments and other content with easy to read analytics. You can even modify promotions on the fly. GreatLocal also optimizes the viewing experience providing easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktops.

What problem does GreatLocal solve?

The ones you know about and then some. We address promotions, campaign , eCommerce and engagement needs for online marketing.

No doubt, you and your business partners have felt a need to be effective in social marketing. You know how to run your business, the in’s and out’s and everything in between but do you understand how social media can enhance your brand? Do you know how to post on Facebook and Twitter but don’t know how to measure if what you’re doing actually works as a marketing campaign? You can afford to invest in marketing, but with your time constraints you simply can’t afford to be wrong. The current offerings to small and medium businesses are deal sites. These sites have a history of lowering average revenue per customer, not bringing in new customers, and using automated positing services, which do little to extend reach.

What are the benefits of collaborating with GreatLocal?

Ultimately, we drive conversions for both new and loyal customers, gain more revenues for you and build your brand experience into a force of nature.

• GreatLocal is the first local business provider of social and mobile solutions, which puts SMBs like you in complete control of your social and digital marketing efforts. GreatLocal is distinguished not only by our robust technology and collective expertise in all things tech and social media, but also by our unique freemium business model that fast tracks small and medium businesses to social media gurus in less than three minutes. That’s right, less than three minutes, from start to finish.

• Great Local uses the SMBs existing creative assets (images, videos, etc.) and automates the publishing of these assets as coupons, electronic vouchers, offers, events, and more.

• GreatLocal also provides a rich consumer experience across all devices, taking all the technical complexity out of the process while providing clear, measurable performance reports and prescriptions for improvement.

How does GreatLocal do all these things for you?

With our great tech know-how, 20 years of collaborative expertise in social media and the same, fiery passion that you share for your own brand and business.

GreatLocal is a powerful social and mobile technology designed to provide SMBs like you with a simple, easy-to-use and secure solution.


The GreatLocal dashboard allows small and medium businesses to create, manage and measure the performance of social campaigns and promotions.


GreatLocal is designed to take a local business from on boarding to their first live promotion – start to finish in less than three minutes.


GreatLocal empowers small and medium businesses to create their promotion from existing assets and easily publish in the native format on every platform, including device-optimized landing pages.

Who can use GreatLocal?

You, of course! We can’t wait to have you on board.

• Anyone who wants to make a social media marketing impact in the community through the judicious and tech-savvy use of available tools for small and medium businesses. As long as you have a brand that you want to grow and network, we’ve got the online marketing facilities for you.

• Typically, any small business can use GreatLocal. You could be running:


For your menus, delivery pages, blog posts, promotions, invitations and other food fests, parties and events.


For your seasonal packages, special events, restaurant packages, seminar-hosting and various functions in your cosy, local setting.

Gyms/Fitness Centers

For membership promotions, photo galleries, trainer testimonials, facility albums, free workout videos and tips, class schedule promotions and other campaigns for fitness and wellness classes available in your community.


For promotions, timed sales, launch events, digital deals, brand experience-building, social network engagement, corporate social responsibility platforms and much more.

Professional Services

For professionals like you who want to gain entry into the community through something more than just your profession and engage the locals in your practice, promoting your services and much more.

Spas and Salons

For coupons and service packages, new service launches and much more.

Ad, Promotion, and PR Agencies

For traditional marketing and advertising companies who want to find their way in the hyper-connected, hyper-velocity world of social media marketing.

Personal Services

For individuals who want to build their personal brand and become known in their local setting as a person of interest and for setting up their own events or promotions for personal use.

In short, how does GreatLocal give you an effective social marketing solution?

We want to social marketing to be easy, instant and yours.

• We work for you; small business and local merchants.

• We want you to monetize social media and mobile traffic to gain more revenues and build your brand.

• We offer a rich, self-service, media-driven social marketing platform.

• We connect local businesses and brands like yours with consumers by offering relevant branded promotions, digital coupons, offers and eGift Certificates to drive acquisition, loyalty, lift and redemption across mobile, tablet, social and web touch points.

• We are not like traditional social marketing solutions and deal sites; GreatLocal puts you in complete control of all the details: you set the discount, terms and how many to sell. Most importantly, since GreatLocal is FREE, we don’t take 50% of the promotion revenues like other deal sites.

• We enable local businesses to create and promote local offers that look great. These offers can be sent for free to your social networks and email lists from one secure web-based dashboard. This creates immersive revenue generating experiences that are fun, easy, truly special and accessible from any platform – mobile, tablet, social or web.

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